• What you think about and what you talk about - becomes your reality.

    If you are focusing on negativity, re-hashing stories about problems (yours or others) and noticing things that are wrong with the world, the people around you and your life, then you are going to keep getting things that are wrong. ONLY speak about things that you want. What you focus on expands. Don't let the negative in and you will have a much more positive life.

  • When you feel discouraged about your business, invites, sales, volume and team, I can guarantee you are focusing on what is not working rather than what is.

    In order to create what you want, you have to focus and magnify the good things. When you focus on what's missing, you get more of what's missing. When you feel beaten up, make a list of everything that you appreciate about coaching, your challengers, your groups, social media, your team and this company.


  • You have belief systems about everything as it relates to your business and yourself.

    You have beliefs about Beachbody, our products and the services you provide. You have beliefs about finding people, inviting, building your team and your purpose as a coach. You have beliefs around your confidence, your abilities, your strengths and your weaknesses.

    I'm about to give you some good news and some bad news: Your belief systems either support your ability to be successful in your business or they are non-supportive of your ability to grow. They will make or break you and they are 100% in your control. The biggest breakthroughs in your business come from breakthroughs in your mindset (which is why Personal Development is necessary).


  • Sometimes we really just need to relax and lighten up.

    We are so serious about reaching goals that we are forgetting to have fun. You can take all the action that you want but actions that are not done in the spirit of joy or passion will never be successful. Find the joy in reaching out to your prospects, solving your customer's problems or interacting with your team or your success partners.

    You can always find something about coaching that is fun! What do you love about it? What would you do for free? That's what you should be doing. Be happy in your business career NOW - not in the future when you finally "make it." There are no happy endings to unhappy journeys!


  • So many of us are headed toward the next thing but then we turn back and stop the flow of abundance and momentum that is working behind us. We say things to ourselves like, "I'm not there yet" or "Everyone else seems to be growing their teams and their income except me."

    Focusing on and noticing that we are stuck is a great way to stay stuck! What we need to do is move toward our goals in an easy relaxed way. When you're stuck, shift your energy back to finding what feels good and enjoy the process. When you notice that you're not there yet say to yourself, "I'm getting there, I'm doing my best and I will enjoy every step of the ride."

  • When we cross something off our to do list, we feel awesome.

    When we keep a promise to ourselves (to workout, pray, meditate, spend quality time with our family, invite, power hour, do personal development) we should CELEBRATE that the fact that we said we would do it, and we did it. Nothing beats us and our confidence up more than wanting to do something and not following through. It makes us feel bad and create a vicious cycle.


  • Press pause on setting huge, long term goals for right now and start focusing on setting a small goal and reaching it consistently.

    Once you accomplish a small goal, you can stretch it to accomplish a little more each day. Start with inviting one person a day and invite two tomorrow. That's a 100% increase and you should feel amazing about that. Keep building on your smaller success to get to the bigger ones.

    There is magic in setting an easy, small, realistic number of invitations or conversations each day. Even if you only make one, but do it consistently, you will start to see results. Consistency and feeling proud of yourself makes a huge difference.


  • Start making your unproductive or mindless time while driving, cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry a productive moment by listening to audio personal development books or podcasts.

    Listen, listen, and listen some more. There is an entire world of learning and personal growth available and most of it is free. Put in headphones while you're walking your dog, blow drying your hair, organizing your closet or cleaning up clutter. They key is to pair together a mindless and mindful task together.


  • Prospect and invite every single day.

    It's not just to keep you consistent, but it keeps you on your game and becomes a part of your routine. It becomes a habit and a part of your instinct. The more you do it, the more confident you become and the more natural you are.

    If you prospect and invite heavily for a day and then take several days or a week or month off, you lose your momentum, your confidence, your edge and your ease. It's the slight edge of a little bit every single day that creates a skill.

  • Today, make eye contact with five people and smile at them.

    Don't try to get their name or talk about anything. Just get good at reaching out to people with your eyes and your smile. Your smile is a connection and a gift that you can give to everyone that you come into contact with today.


  • The reason that we don't make eye contact with people and smile is that sometimes when we do that people don't respond back.

    If we smile and they don't respond we receive that as rejection. But what really happened is that they failed the first part of our interview! Just smile at people today and see how many can pass the first part of your interview.


  • The 3ft. rule says, "If someone is within 3 ft. of you, tell them what you do for a living."

    But this only works if you are interested in them and first ask them, 'What do YOU do for a living?' Be genuinely interested in what they do. Of course their response will be to ask you what you do and there's your opening to talk about your business. We tend to over complicate this stuff. Keep it simple. Look to ask five people today what they do for a living!


  • When you put pen to paper and write your prospects name on it your intention to contact them becomes real.

    The magic of writing your prospects names on a paper list instead of looking at them on a spreadsheet is that you have now "created" something and are "connected" to what you have written.

    You have actually brought your intention to do business with them into a physical reality, so now it exists! Your desire to help people, grow your team or do a certain amount of business this year starts in the smallest form with a name written on a piece of paper.


  • The health (growth, size, consistency, use) of your prospect list will always reveal something about how you feel about your business and what your business will look like in the near future.


  • The secret to getting referrals is that you need to ask for them.

    Most coaches forget to ask for referrals before, during and after their inviting and conversations. After answering a question, adding free value or giving advice is an awesome time to ask for a referral. You just helped them! Many of customers want to reciprocate but they don't know that you need or want referrals.

    You can simply say, "I know you aren't interested in doing what I do, but I trust you and I'd love to work with people like you. Do you know anyone who would be interested in coaching?"


  • If you want to generate more referrals, you've got to shift your perspective.

    In order to get referrals, you have to become aware that referrals are all around you - if you want it. One of the first steps is realizing that every person that you meet could potentially connect you with someone who you could help with their health and fitness or the coaching opportunity.


  • The most beautiful website, getting to the front page of a Google search or having the highest # of followers is highly overrated.

    The quality of of your followers and engagement with them is what's important. A good website or social media account is only effective if it adds gets a filled out application, a conversation started, a prospect name or a new challenger or coach.


  • In our business, everything starts with the right prospect.

    You can have the perfect post, group, six pack, be great at encouraging, listening, inviting and closing, but if you don't have someone to talk to, you've got a big problem. You don't have to be good at inviting or closing if you have good leads. Learn how to attract and generate a great prospect and you will have a skill that will serve you for life.


  • Many coaches hope to step back from prospecting and inviting as soon as they can, and it's a tragic flaw. You should be looking to build a business that is based on referrals and constantly meeting and helping new people. If it feels negative, your next step is to figure out how you can find the joy and passion or create a positive emotion around the act of prospecting.


  • The most successful coaches choose to commit to mastering the art of prospecting.

    They know that no one can control the inviting process or the decision that someone makes, but they CAN control the number of people that they talk to or that their invitations are seen by. Once you have an audience and start learning the art of prospecting, it can't be taken away from you. 


  • You don't have to be a great salesperson to be a great coach. What you do need to become great at is getting your story in front of people.

    You've got to get in front of people. It's how you increase your Success Club points, your new coaches, your momentum and the number of lives that you help. Stop messing with your head trying to figure out another way. You must get face to face with a steady stream of people. Once you have developed this ability there is nothing that can stop you from being successful.