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(If you're a coach simply enjoying the products, discount and loving this community: bookmark this info for a rainy day! Don't let this information overwhelm you. Come back when you are ready. We believe in you. You never know when you might be ready to coach!)



Congratulations on becoming a coach! You have an amazing journey ahead of you, this is truly the beginning of something special. If you were attracted to coaching, helping and inspiring other people, you're exactly the kind of person we want as a part of our team and are so grateful and count ourselves blessed to have you alongside us.


Before you get started on your coach orientation, we want to remind you of something really important. You don't have to know anything about fitness, nutrition, entrepreneurship, leadership, social media or coaching at this very moment to be great.


Every single one of us, every top coach, every million dollar earner, every life changer, every single inspiring coach out there began where you are beginning (with probably far less resources). You have the power to create a life-changing business in the business of changing lives. It just takes patience, an unstoppable positive attitude, the right mindset and a passionate work ethic.


Think back to your last "first day". Chances are it took you more than a few hours here and there to get great at that job. In fact it probably took months to get great, if not years. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. You should not and do not need to be an expert to start. Instead, it should be the very reason you want to start -- to develop your expertise.

There was new terminology, processes, systems, people, paperwork, operations, leadership, schedules and rules. It's a lot at first. So please, do yourself a favor and cut yourself a break when things seem to be a little complicated or a lot confusing. You are new at this, and just like you, we started with a few coach websites to share products, a coach online office and absolutely no clue what we were doing. 


We started just like you, with no customers, no coaches and no clue.


There are 5 essential qualities of a great coach:






The rest is 100% teachable. You can learn anything. What matters is that you are willing to learn, committed to growing, want to reach your own potential and help other people do the same.

So grab a fresh notebook or binder that you can use for your coach training and just start! Take notes on the things that are confusing, write down the questions that you have and remember that this is the beginning, this is not a test. If you have questions, that's why you became a coach with a sponsor (the person who walked you through the enrollment process). As sponsors, we are here to mentor you along the way, as you inject as much heart and hustle as you can into your brand new business.


As coaches, we are not your boss or your manager. This opportunity is not something that is going to automatically serve you success on a silver platter. YOU are the hero of this story -- not Beachbody, not your coach, not your team. From this moment on, you are the only person responsible for how far you go, how consistent you are, how passionately you seek out solutions, how many times you dust yourself off, the person you become along the way and how many lives you change.

That can either be what keeps you stuck or what serves as a launching pad for a life totally by your design. It's freedom. It's choice. It means there is no more, "I don't get paid enough", "I have no opportunity for growth", "I feel unfulfilled", "co-workers stress me out", or "I'm too busy working for a living instead of living for a living". You choose your experience every single day. Those choices compounded over a few years of passionate, committed consistency can translate to a life of complete financial and time freedom, and in turn whatever that looks like for you - your version of success, joy and life by design.

This opportunity is not about what your resume looks like, what your past says about you, where you come from or what this company can do for you. This is about taking your life into your hands. This is about you writing your story and using it to inspire others. We want you to jump out of bed each morning pulled forward by your vision for your future. We want you to view your failures and mistakes as steps forward. They are the ONLY recipe for success -- forward failures. Action creates clarity and perfectionism is absolutely fatal.

You are important. You are special. You are unique. You have no ceiling above you and you have nobody stopping you but you. There has never been a "you" before on a platform like this, and even if there was - the 200 million overweight or obese Americans can't be served by just ONE coach. And if you're one in a million, that means there are 320 of you out there in America alone.


Put yourself out there. Go out and find them. Start an army and change the world. And if you don't know who you are just yet and you're in a season of transition or discovery -- use this platform to create yourself. You do the work and you will see success. You are where you are because of you and no one else. And that's where we come in.


We are fuel to your fire. A sponsor coach's job is to train, support and lead by example. We are friends, leaders, mentors and coaches that are about 6 years worth of steps ahead of you running our own business, on our own personal journey towards becoming our best selves and living a life of freedom, generosity, vision and influence. We match your effort, your energy and your commitment. If you walk, we walk. If you stop, we stop. If you sprint, we sprint with you. A bridge is built from both sides of the shore. We can't and won't care about your business more than you do.


We don't keep any secrets. We share exactly what we're using to grow, manage and lead our business and grow, manage and lead our LIFE. We will connect you with both our own trainings and 3rd party resources that have helped us grow and develop. We do this thang together. We also get the excitement of introducing you to a community of people who are just like you, or at least a different flavor. They will not only contribute to your growth, but also to your income, as we are paid based on the success of our team as a whole. My success is your success, is our success.


They say you should find three hobbies that you love:

  1. One to make you money.

  2. One to keep you in shape.

  3. One to be creative.


You, my friend have hit the trifecta - and the person that you are right now, reading these words -- is a triple threat. Once you realize that the voice inside that has always whispered, "you're made for something more" wasn't just your imagination, but your calling -- believe it, own it, and let's get to work.

Are you ready?  Well, then start.


All you have to do is start. We can't wait to see what you'll do!




If you enrolled as coach with an All Access Beachbody On Demand challenge pack, enrolled with a BOD membership or have an existing BOD membership from being a challenger, you have immediate access to the Beachbody On Demand.

1. Go to and select Sign In from your Smart TV, computer, tablet or phone. You can find all of the device list here and TV setup instructions here. These articles are part of our COACH FAQ database and your first introduction to independently having answers at your fingertips. If you haven't found exactly what you're looking for, search the FAQ database, explore related articles and finally, post in our coach Facebook groups if you've been unable to locate the answer.

2.  Sign in with the email address and password that you created at the time of your challenge pack purchase (whether you signed up as a customer or coach).

You'll have access to:


  • 10 Minute Trainer

  • 21 Day Fix

  • 21 Day Fix Extreme

  • 3 Week Yoga Retreat

  • Beachbody Yoga Studio

  • Body Beast

  • Brazil Butt Lift

  • ChaLEAN Extreme

  • Cize

  • Country Heat

  • Core De Force

  • Focus T25

  • Hip Hop Abs

  • Insanity

  • Insanity: The Asylum vol. 1

  • Insanity: The Asylum vol. 2

  • Insanity: Max 30

  • P90

  • P90X

  • P90X2

  • P90X3

  • PiYo

  • Rev Abs

  • Rockin' Body

  • Shift Shop

  • Slim in 6

  • Tai Cheng

  • The Master's Hammer & Chisel

  • Tony Horton One-on-Ones

  • Total Body Solution

  • Turbo Fire

  • Turbo Jam

  • Yoga Booty Ballet


HOW DO I use beachbody on demand?




You will be billed for your Shakeology every month until you put it on hold, change your ship date or cancel. You will receive a complimentary email reminder from Beachbody with plenty of time before your next ship date to allow you to make any necessary modifications or give you a heads up.


You can make any of the following changes online:

  • Switch to a new flavor

  • Alternate between 2 flavors form month to month

  • Update your shipping address

  • Delay a shipment up to 2 months


Here are the links you'll need:





Anchor 4


You can access your coach websites by replacing "YOURSCREENNAME" in the links below with the screenname that you chose when you enrolled as a coach.



When someone makes a purchase from your Shakeology, Beachbody Coach or Ultimate Reset websites, you will make a 25% commission or higher.


DISCOUNT COACHES: You may feel as if you won't need this information, but believe it or not 70% of the most succcessful coaches in this network started simply because of the discount. You are acting as a living, walking, breathing, shining testimony and at some point, someone is going to want what you've got goin' on. Save these links just in case.


business builders: Long term coaching income is not all about sales, in fact it will eventually be the smallest portion of your income as a coach. However, in the beginning these sales commissions are going to start the ball rolling. The goal is to shoot for 3-5 challenge pack sales for 3-5 people a month so you can truly focus on helping them through their journey. Keep these links handy, click through them and learn them up and down so you can better help your future clients navigate through the site.

WHERE TO USE YOUR LINKS: I don't recommend posting these links directly on social media. This business is about one-on-one invitations and creating influence on our social media accounts by sharing our stories. If you do have an established blog or website, you can link to your site and individual items or use in email signatures, website fields on social networking profiles, etc.


What doesn't work or look authentic is posting them as a status update on Facebook or Instagram. Seeing someone's affiliate link on your news feed is a big red flag that says they are trying to sell something. Coaching is about sharing your journey, not about selling. The most successful coaches focus on personal invitations, one on one conversations and building relationships (we'll get more into that later).

Anchor 5



One of the easiest ways to send a link to your future customer when they are ready to get started is by using the an app or website that helps you create a customized direct link. These tools allow you to single out the product that your customer is interested in and ensure that your COACH ID is linked to their purchase. It eliminates the need for your customer to scroll through the entire product catalog and website to find what they are looking for.

Three of my favorite tools are the SHARE A CART feature in the back office, the BB LINKS app, free from your phone's app store and or Beachbody's official BBCOACHLINKS.COM


Anchor 6



Your first and most important financial step as a coach is to link your business to your bank. You're working hard changing lives and you deserve to get paid for that hard work in the most convenient way possible - direct deposit.


THURSDAYS are now your payday


Once you setup your EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) you will receive a direct deposit based on the different commissions and bonuses you earned from the previous week. For example, if you sell something on Tuesday, you won't get your paycheck two days later, you'll get it the following Thursday. This just leaves a little extra padding in the event that someone returns a product.


If you don't set up your EFT in your Coach Online Office you will receive a paper check in the mail a few weeks later than when it is earned. There will also be charged $2-3 as a small printing fee. Set up your EFT, make sure all your hard earned money goes to directly to your bank account and eliminate the wait. It's as simple as that.

Your account will never overdraw because of Beachbody. If someone returns a product, they are guaranteed a full money refund (which is awesome customer service and a policy you will be able to leverage to your potential challengers) which means that your commission will also be returned.


It happens all the time and we shrug it off and keep moving forward. When this happens Beachbody will put your coach account (not your bank account) balance in the red. All that means is that the next commission you earn will go towards the deficit caused by the return, until you break even. Your bank account is safe and will only be receiving paychecks.

Now let's talk taxes.


We are independent distributors (or independent contractors) through Beachbody. We are not considered salaried employees. If you earn over $600 a year, you will receive a 1099 (U.S. coaches) or a T4A (Canadian coaches). 

You can learn more about this in the COACH FAQ where there are more details. For reference, I just typed in "TAXES" on the Coach FAQ site. It's as simple as that. If you have more specific questions about getting paid or taxes, talk to you sponsor! If they don't know they answer, they'll talk to their sponsor and work their way up the chain.


It is important to note that the paychecks issued from Beachbody do not have taxes taken out.


There are two ways to go about this situation responsibly. 


  • Save 30-40% of your income each week in a separate account for taxes at the end of the year.

  • Be prepared to pay 30-40% of your income at the end of the year. 


This is a legitimate business opportunity. We've experienced and seen our coaches experience the leap from a $30 commission to thousands of dollars a week. Once your business starts to gain steam and is creating a full time income, the leaders on our team would be happy to advise you on the next steps to take to incorporate your coach account as an LLC, S-Corp or sole proprietorship with a professional.


We personally work with an incredible team of CPAs and bookkeepers who understand the network marketing industry. They work with Beachbody coaches with salaries that range from $50,000 to multi-million dollar annual salaries. We legally cannot offer professional financial advice, but will point you in the direction of a team that we trust with our own business and income if and when you're ready.

Contact BB



While it may be tempting to go to your sponsor coach with every single question that you have, there are incredible resources available from Beachbody Corporate that can handle the technical questions about orders, returns, rules, processes, etc.


Many of the questions that can you have can be answered more efficiently, on your time, by Coach Relations or Customer Service via phone or live chat. As you grow in your business and reach the rank of 5 Star Diamond, you'll also be rewarded with a VIP phone number to cut down on wait time and ensure that you can support your team and business more effectively.

If Coach Relations or Customer Service cannot answer the question that you have, your next step is to talk to your sponsor coach and they'll be happy to help find that answer for you.

Stay Connected



As much as we might like to think that our mentorship is the key to success, as our time with company grows, it becomes clearer and clearer that anyone can be successful as a coach. It's not about having the right resources, it's about being resourceful. Our corporate team provides an abundance of resources and training on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


The secret sauce is hard work, pure intentions and staying plugged in. Any time you feel like you don't know what's going on, you're lacking energy and you just don't know where to start, don't fault yourself, get plugged in.


Think about how powerful a computer is. You can literally accomplish anything with a charged device and a WiFi connection. Now think about a computer that isn't plugged in or hasn't been charged. It's a glorified paperweight, it's completely dysfunctional.

You can do anything as long as you are plugging in.



Welcome from BB


Next Steps


  1. Make sure you read through and watched every section on this page.

  2. Download, print and complete your First 30 Quickstart Guide

  3. Let your coach know you're ready to schedule a Getting Started Right Call

  4. Click here and in the comments of that Facebook post, tag your coach's name, and let them know you've finished your welcome steps!

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